Ukrainian Wedding Practices

Getting married is an important life event that comes with many traditions. There are some issues that are prevalent across almost all cultures and many that are certain to Ukraine. If you are planning to marry a Ukrainian female or person you should get the hang of some of the customs that they follow.

In the past ukrainian brides to be would go through several methods prior to their big day to ensure that these were not getting wedded to another person. One of the first was called svatannya and happened two to four weeks ahead of the ceremony. This is when the bridegroom and his home visit the house of their expected and ask on her behalf hand in marital life. This is done by using a series of formal steps and rituals such as exchange of gifts. The groom’s aspect provides a product of horilka and the bride drapes the starosty with ritual towels called rushnyky.

The groom then offers the bride a kiss and a hug of his own to show that he’s serious about wedding. The few then exchanges rings and the parents of both sides join them in a toast. The parents also bless the newlyweds with all the wedding loaf, Caravaj. The couple afterward breaks off a bread and feeds that to each other. Whoever will take the bigger mouthful will rule in the household. This custom is still followed in some areas and is frequently referred to as kolyadyny.

Some other tradition which includes survived may be the shopping for out of the woman. This is where the groom concerns the bride’s house on the morning of the wedding ceremony and is welcomed by her friends, godparents and family unit users. They will consult the bridegroom questions about his knowledge of the bride and he must answer them correctly to prove that he could be worthy of her. If the soon-to-be husband fails he or she must pay an adequate ransom that highlights her worth.

This is a really cheerful and content occasion and it is celebrated with songs, toasts and gift items. The bride’s close girl friends might also gather and present the soon-to-be husband marriage advice in a party called Korovai. Usually girls will also “kidnap” the bride and take her into a varied room. The groom must then do feats of strength or perhaps dares to get his bride back.

They are just a few of the a large number of ukrainian marriage traditions which have survived over time. Many of these traditions are still practiced today and can be along with modern wedding traditions to create them different. Having a classic Ukrainian marriage is sure to be considered a memorable experience for you and your guests. To read more about Ukrainian wedding events, visit Nita’s European Bakery located in Sunnyside. Nita’s focuses primarily on European pastries and can create custom orders placed for your big day. Email us today to order big event cakes and other treats! We look forward to meeting up with you!

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